Hull star Altidore highlights Haiti tragedy

Hull City striker Jozy Altidore plans to use Saturday’s Premier League match against Tottenham to make an emotional gesture in support of the victims of the devastating earthquake which rocked Haiti.

Over 50,000 people are believed to have died and around three million have been affected by the disaster.

Altidore felt their pain more than most in England as his parents are from Haiti and several several family members still live on the Caribbean island.

His parents moved to America 35 years ago but the striker has been unable to get in touch with some of his other relatives since the earthquake.

The 20-year-old US international, on loan at Hull from Spanish club Villarreal, had considered flying to Haiti to look for them and help with the rescue operations.

But since that proved impossible he has used his Twitter Internet account to urge people to donate to the Red Cross emergency aid fund and also revealed he will wear wristbands in support of Haiti in Saturday’s game at White Hart Lane.

“(The) team has been very positive and helpful to me tomorrow is big game for us. I’m going to wear both of my wrist bands in support of Haiti,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Writing soon after news of the earthquake broke, Altidore said. “My roots was just hit by an 5.9 earthquake, please have the people of Haiti in your heart.

“In the parents shoes who are worrying about their young ones. Please don’t sit and just watch CNN. Get up and do something, make a donation.

“Put yourself there and imagine how scared and torn you would be? Please do anything you can to help them. I beg of you.”  (SW/MG/rex)


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